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Organic loose tea



WELLNESS BLENDS / Organic Loose Tea / 20 servings per container

The CHAY tea collection was refined to create 5 essential teas that support the natural rhythm of daily life. We believe that drinking tea is a positive ritual that nurtures physical, mental and spiritual well-being. In collaboration with an organic tea atelier in Central California, our tea is sourced from organically certified plantations around the world that help reduce the carbon footprint.

BREAKFAST TEA – NO.1 – $30.50
Stimulate + awaken your system.
A black tea blend of Assam (India), Ceylon (Sri Lanka),
Njombe district (Tanzania).
Naturally caffeinated / 1.62 oz

ROSE TEA – NO.2$31.50
Clean the body of toxins + support the immune system.
Ingredients: rose petals, chamomile flowers, lemon peel, elderberries, vanilla.
Caffeine-free / 1.12 oz

Protect the body with antioxidants.
Ingredients: rooibos, sarsaparilla root, cocoa, vanilla.
Caffeine-free / 1.84 oz

Find balance while promoting digestive health.
Ingredients: orange peel, peppermint leaf, anise seeds, spearmint leaf, red raspberry leaf, lemon peel.
Caffeine-free / 1.44 oz

BEDTIME TEA – NO.5 – $29.50

Unwind + prepare for sleep
Ingredients: spearmint leaf, anise seeds, poppy seeds, catnip, hops, lavender, passion flower leaf, vervain.
Caffeine-free / 1.42 oz